Jessi Mallory has been an Elvis Presley fan since the age of four. Jessi fell in love with the man and his music. Jessi spent countless hours listening to Elvis, singing along, and not only learning his movements, but soaking in his charisma and heart.  It's evident that Jessi watched every live concert, every movie, and every TV show he'd ever done.

-At age eight, Jessi asked for a guitar for a birthday present. "Mystery Train" was the

first song Jessi learned to play.

-Jessi's first time performing was at a high school talent show as a senior. The classmates went wild, having had no idea that Jessi could play guitar or sing.

-Jessi began a solo career of  original music and was quite successful, building a name  and a following. However, there was always a pull to Elvis, and after having cancer, Jessi decided pay tribute to him.

-Jessi has performed in Elvis Tribute contests, and the following builds at each and every show.

-Jessi has been in Elvis related books, on websites, Elvis Radio, on TV, and has made a film debut as Elvis in a film.

-Jessi's vocals are incredibly close to Elvis' and the looks are even closer. Jessi puts on a great show for all audiences, young and old, with a great sense of humor keeping the show fun and interesting.

-Jessi performs all three eras of Elvis. The 50s, 60s, & 70s, making a versatile performance and crowd pleasing show. 

-Jessi also puts great time and care into the outfits, making sure they are as close as possible to Elvis' originals.

-Jessi has been fortunate enough to meet and work with some of Elvis' friends, family, and band members.

-When Jessi Mallory steps up to the microphone, you can sense a deep connection with the idol, and brings audiences into that experience.


"The benefit show you put on for Dustin was absolutely incredible. You did better than half of the famous people I've seen in concert. You kept it upbeat, fun and TRUE to Elvis. Keep on rockin'." - Allison/Kenduskeag, ME

"Grams favorite part of the day!!! (Jessi's concert) She loves Jessi Mallory as Elvis and mom is hard to impress!!!" - Lisa S. /Holden, ME

"Jessi's a great Elvis." -Kid, Z107.3/Bangor, ME

"Jessi has amazing talent got to see it in person in Canada. Jessi puts on a great show and a good friend." - Brenda S.

"Our Veterans just adore Jessi Mallory's performance!" - Editha Y.

"Jessi does an excellent job, very nice voice have known Jessi for a long time, like watching each performance." - Roxanne W.

"If you get a chance to see Jessi Mallory perform as Elvis you should definitely catch one of the shows. The performances are amazing. Jess is wonderful to the fans and always willing to take photos with us. Once you've seen a performance you'll want to go to more and more shows or even book one for an event of your own." - Linda C

"I have seen several of Jessi's shows. Always entertaining and fun. Jess truly loves performing and it shows.Jessi loves the audience and appreciates their responsiveness. Elvis is Jessi's passion!" - Sue C.

"Jessi is an amazing talent! A  great show and ALWAYS makes everyone want more!!" - Harley Laura

"I saw Jessi at Red Barn. Both my friend and I enjoyed a very talented performance. We also had the opportunity to meet and speak with Jessi. Very friendly, Jessi didn't just brush people off, but took the time to converse with us. Jessi is a compassionate person that dedicates  time to the enjoyment of other Elvis Fans. Catch a performance, you won't be disappointed!" - Jean M.

"Wow... Great vocals." - Justin Shandor/Las Vegas, NV

"I had the amazing opportunity to see Jessi Mallory perform on stage two years ago at The Windsor Elvis Fest that is held every year in my City of Windsor, Ontario Canada . It is a three day event.. I had never had the pleasure of seeing Jessi perform before ..Jessi came all the way here from Bangor, Maine..Jessi kept the audience captivated with an amazing voice, costume and connected with the audience immediately.  I had a chance to meet up with Jessi at the after show and we connected right away. Jessi and I have remained friends ever since. Jessi has come a long journey since then and has performed on stage many times. Since Jessi lives so far away I haven't had the pleasure of watching a performance since. Jessi does put videos and pictures and flyers on Facebook This way I can keep up with Jessi's ever busy schedule. I am so proud that Jessi has come so far. Hopefully we can meet again soon so I can hear that amazing voice again. I am a member of The Windsor Elvis Fan club for over ten years now. I have also been to Memphis. Windsor was quite impressed with Jessi Mallory". -Rose Black/Windsor, Ontario Canada

"I had a chance to see another great performance by Jessi Mallory today. An amazing singer and does a fantastic job with Elvis Presley's songs , if anyone gets a chance they should go to a performance you'll be in for a great treat." - Hilda G. 

"Jessi is an amazing performer, following Elvis since forever, Jessi studied his moves, studied his music, lives, loves, and gives Elvis' music new life. Jessi is devoted to Elvis, passionate about life, music and other people. If you haven't seen Jessi's Elvis performance, please do, you won't be disappointed!" - Doreen B.

"I have seen Jessi Mallory a few times now and just love it, Jessi does an amazing job, but most importantly is my mom has been a big Elvis fan for as long as I can remember and she is a very hard women to impress and she LOVES Jessi!!! Jessi is always so friendly and so appreciative of any compliments and is always ready to pose for a picture with any of the fans!!!!" - Lisa S.

"Everyone at work loves it when Jessi comes to sing. Jessi made one residents birthday extra special." - Tammy P.

"O M Gosh, Jessi. You did it again. Another great performance. It is always a pleasure to see you perform. It's always a great show. I love the way you inner act with your fans. You always ask for request of their favorite songs. It makes them feel very special. Every show is a little different. Always willing to help others. People appreciate you so much. I became a fan since the first time I saw your show. From me, your fan and your friend." - Gloria M.

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